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Nancy, from Divine Design Soaps, needed a new e-commerce website that was easier to navigate for her customers. She also desired a way to easily add products, events, and organize orders. Additional help was also needed procuring a new logo and copy for the entire site.


We started this project off with the logo and copy creation. While those are not services that I do myself, I was able to reach out to my network of other professionals to accommodate Nancy's request.

When we think of soaps and lotions we imagine serene, relaxing states of mind. Choosing a color palette to achieve this feeling was crucial. So I chose colors and fonts based off of the custom logo that the client decided on. The pastel colors really lend to that relaxed feeling throughout the site.

Webflow's powerful CMS and e-commerce functionality were used to allow Nancy to easily add, update, or remove products/events from her site. The client editor within Webflow makes it a breeze for Nancy to quickly make changes without needing to wait for a developer's help. There is custom filtering on the products page allowing the users to quickly narrow down what they are looking for. Breadcrumb navigation was used as well to help the user navigate easily throughout the website. With Webflow's e-commerce functionality, adding a shopping cart and custom customer email designs was easily achievable.

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